Prof. Dr. med. et phil.
Franz Oppenheimer (1928)

  • Born on 30/03/1864 in Berlin
  • 1881-1885 Medical studies in Freiburg and Berlin
  • 1886-1895 Practitioner in Berlin, and then, from
  • 1890 onwards, parallel occupation with social-political problems
    and the science of social economics. Thereafter as journalist,
    (Editor-in-Chief) of the "Welt am Montag".
  • 1909-1917 Private teacher in Berlin
  • 1917 onwards, Honorary Professor in Berlin
  • 1919-1929 University Professor of Sociology and Theoretical
    National Economics in Frankfurt am Main
    (Germany's first Professorship of Sociology)
  • 1934-1935 Teaching post in Palestine
    1936 Honorary Member of the American Society of Sociology
  • 1938 Teaching post at Kobe University, Japan,
    after which he emigrated to Los Angeles, USA
  • 1942 Co-founder and Publisher of the American Journal of
    Economics and Sociology

  • Died on 30/09/1943 in Los Angeles German